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Meet a Ruby... Hannah Johnston


Next up in The Ruby Project is Hannah! Hannah and I met during a Spring Break mission trip while attending Abilene Christian University, and later travelled through Europe together on an arts study abroad program. We've shared some adventures! Hannah is such a sweet, kind soul. She and her husband attend The Village Church with us, and we often do Sunday lunches together as couple-friends :) I'm certain you'll adore her as much as I do...

Tell us about yourself: I'm Hännah! It sounds like Donna, except with an H. I just started a new job with an organization called Sower of Seeds International Ministries. I'm from good ol' El Paso, TX (aka El Chuco), but now live in DFW with my super cute hubby.  

What inspires you? Music, music, music. It really moves my soul, which is why I have to be SO careful what I listen to (i.e. angry music makes me…well, angry). A few other things that get me fired up: good design, strong photography, and great stories. 

What are your gifts and talents? I've always been into creating things. From my 2nd grade drawing of Cosette off my dad's soundtrack from Les Miserablés to my puff paint DNA project for 9th grade bio, making things "prettier" was always a blast for me! I also love to sing. 

How do you use your gifts to serve others? The ministry I just started with is the perfect setting to use my gifts to serve Christ and His people. S.O.S. reaches out to the helpless and the hopeless in India, many forced into sex trafficking and plagued by poverty, hunger, and disease. I've been given the opportunity to tell their stories through my design, hopefully moving the masses to take action against their oppressors.  

What would you do if you had nothing holding you back from your dreams? If NOTHING was holding me back, I'd probably opt to be a mermaid :) On a more serious note, in my dream world, I'd still be with my dreamy husband, and we'd live in a Spanish-speaking country (preferably near the ocean) and teach English, art, and the Bible to underprivileged children. We both have a heart for kids, especially those trapped in tough living situations.



Tell us about a season of suffering that lead to good things in your life: Thankfully, I can't say I've necessarily faced a season of suffering. However, I can definitely say I've gone through seasons of sorrow. I'm a relatively introverted person, so having a huge group of friends has never really been in the cards for me (as far as I can tell). Unfortunately, my past friendships have never truly been long-lasting. Reasons for that vary from falling out-of-touch to feeling left-out to grudges my flesh just doesn't want to let go of (something I'm working on). Through my past couple years in DFW, there have been quite a few times where I've felt very girl-friendless.

More recently though, God has brought several ladies into my life, and begun to work out the areas of my heart that are bitter and angry and hurt. He's been merciful, forgiving, and faithful in providing me with more Christian women in my circle. Through His grace, I've been shown that all relationships are challenging, especially the good, deep, rich kind. And also through His grace, I've recognized that they are so worth working for, especially if He is at the center of them. 

I'm still growing and pushing myself to step outside of my shell at church and my new job. I know the people God's recently placed in my life are there for a reason, though. I'm excited to create meaningful relationships that will last a lifetime!



Share your proudest moment: Honestly, making the decision to move to a non-profit, specifically one with such a heavy focus on sex-trafficking and poverty. Following my first interview, I didn't know if I could handle it. After a good deal of prayer, my husband and I decided this was an opportunity I could not pass up. We decided it'd be better to live passionately for those suffering, taking on the weight of the cause, than choose complacency and ease. This job is an opportunity to use my gifts to glorify our mighty God in this wretched world. 

I feel my purpose in life is to... fearlessly share Jesus's love with all, by way of encouragement, creativity, and relationships. 


Images via That's Pretty Ace

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