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I'm a brand designer & a writer saved by grace, sharing joy in the simplest ways.

My Office


Surprise! I don't have an office. This is definitely my dining table. And for now, this works really well... and here's why.



I don't have any storage needs - besides a couple of external hard drives. I'm very thankful to not have any physical filing to do at the moment, and currently keep all documents/records/receipts online. I keep my crafting and calligraphy supplies stored in our closet. 

It may not be a closed off office-space, but the lighting is gorgeous. Our dining nook has five tall windows, and they rock! I get to look out onto greenery, and it's so lovely. Can't beat that.

It makes meeting more intimate. If I were to have a business meeting (what up, Tay!), we just meet with two cups of coffee/glasses of wine at the table. Instead of me sitting at a desk and her sitting at a chair across from me, we're just two gals engaged in conversation with a wide work area. Near the kitchen. And the wine.



And lastly, I get to work in a community space with my loved ones :) In these pictures, you can see some of Chris's study materials - law school finals are in full-swing! And if I put Phobe's bed in the chair next to me, she'll curl up right there for hours. 

I'd love to have an open work session sometime soon with other ladies... would anyone be down for that? There's three open seats at the table and we can make room for more! I've been thinking it would be really nice to make one of my "work nights" a community gathering. The playlist is already set up, and it's all JT. 



Of course I'd love to have a real office - a room all to myself! But it's certainly not necessary at this time in my life. What about you? Is your office an "office", too?

Images via That's Pretty Ace

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