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Meet a Ruby... Leigh Foith


Today I have the honor of introducing you to the lovely Leigh! I knew Leigh while we were both attending Abilene Christian University, but didn't have the pleasure of getting to know her well until after graduation. And let me tell you, she is such an incredible beauty! Leigh is one of those people who lights up a room, and her gentle joy is infectious. We've had such a fun time meeting up these past few months, and I'm so excited for you to get to know her, too! (PS, isn't her romper adorable?!)

Tell us about yourself! Hi! My name is Leigh Foith. I’m from the Plano area and I work as a Marketing Representative for Freedom Truck Finance. I also work part time for J.Crew, assisting in design and rolling out new collections.

What inspires you? I am inspired by the people in my life; they constantly challenge me to be bold and courageous in my decisions and look beyond my failures as an opportunity to know how desperately I need and desire God’s plan for my life.  My mother’s genuine excitement to learn, to know and to teach has inspired me to do the same and pass that same excitement on to my own family some day. My father’s work ethic, faithfulness and kindness; my sister’s ability to understand and comfort; friends whose spiritual maturity far surpasses my own, and therefore have become incredible mentors for me; my boyfriend’s passion and zest for life (He wants to travel the world and can’t wait to teach Sunday school with me someday. I mean, could you just melt?) The value and influence of these relationships could only be God-breathed!  



What are your gifts and talents? Oh my, this question has always been a difficult one for me. I have been told I am a good listener. I enjoy listening and processing rather than speaking. I am very precise and calculated in how I interact with my loved ones and those I encounter on a day-to-day basis.  I try to speak as faithfully and intentionally as I can. 

How do you use your gifts to help others? I always try and be as selfless as possible in my relationships (but I’m still human, of course!) and give more than I take. I heard this phrase once before and it has really stuck with me: Don’t think less of yourself, just think of yourself less.

I also get so much joy out of finding the perfect gift for someone. I know that sounds silly, but I’m constantly on the hunt—when I see something that makes me think of someone, I can’t help but scoop it up and put it away until their birthday, Christmas, a Tuesday… 



What would you do if you had nothing holding you back from your dreams? TRAVEL! Travel not just to see things, but also to meet people and hear their stories. My most treasured moments are conversations and encounters I’ve had with the elderly woman that sold me my coffee in Paris, the kind man I sat next to on the train or the woman that gave me her map on a bus in Uruguay because she read the “I’m hopelessly lost” look on my face. God places people so intentionally and I am grateful for each encounter.

Share your proudest moment. The incredible experience I had as a student at Abilene Christian made my graduation day one of my proudest moments. Not only because I received a college degree, but also I took with me the wisdom from professors that went above and beyond their job description, irreplaceable relationships and a place I can always call home. 

I feel my purpose in life is to… Simply find beauty in every day life, and treat my surroundings as an opportunity to share Christ. I believe that small encounters are an open door to love others and love God, and I will continually strive to be His hands and feet.


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