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Meet a Ruby... Summer Scheideman


I had the pleasure of meeting Summer through the Influence Network (the same meet-up I met Caroline at!). Summer is such a sweet, gentle soul, and I've loved getting to know her better. She shared with me some of her favorite spots on TCU's campus, where she currently lives and works (but she and her husband are moving into their first house soon! how fun!). She also took me to a park close by where she likes to go when she needs a quiet place to read God's Word. It was so peaceful! I know you'll love Summer just as much as I do...

Tell us about yourself! My name is Summer Scheideman. I currently work at TCU (Go Frogs!) where I get know and work with some of the most amazing students, staff and faculty! I am originally from South Texas, but Fort Worth is where I call home!

What inspires you? There is a lot that inspires me, but here are a few things:

  • The Lord’s promises for my life and future – Knowing that he created us to do big things in this life
  • Time with my husband – I love sharing and experiencing life with him!
  • Hearing or reading about other people’s stories and seeing how God works through his children
  • Helping and serving others – it’s such a good feeling to be able to love on or care for a complete stranger or even a good friend
  • A good run or workout – especially if it involves being outdoors! I love my time in the sun, out on the water, and hiking

What are your gifts and talents? I have always been a listener and an includer and I love building genuine friendships. I want everyone to feel valued and cared for regardless of his or her background or age. I really value getting to know people and hearing different perspectives. When I meet someone, I find myself wishing that we could move past the small talk and just jump right into the things that really matter. I love to know peoples’ hearts and stories. I love genuineness, being able to relate to people, and helping people achieve their goals. I think that my close friends and family would say that I definitely value quality time and helping people in whatever way I can.



How do you use your gifts to serve others? I love to encourage people and help them realize their potential. In my friendships, I do my best to be supportive and present. Whether it means sending a quick text, snail mail or meeting someone for coffee, I try to make sure they know I’m thinking about them and am here if they ever need anything! 

What would you do if you had nothing holding you back from your dreams? My biggest dreams have always been to be a wife and mother. Family is one of my most treasured thing in this world and I have dreamt of the day when I am blessed with my own. My heart overflows just thinking about it!

With that being said, I would hope to be a mom and be able stay at home with my children and care for them until they are in school. I would love to be able to read to them, cook for them and plan some fun arts and crafts projects for them to enjoy. I would embrace every aspect of being home with them- even the difficult/stressful/less-desirable moments. :)



Share your proudest moment. One of my proudest moments has been as Parker’s wife. After we got married, Parker had 2 out of 4 CPA tests left to complete. This meant that every night when he got home – for weeks on weeks—he was eating dinner, studying until bedtime then waking up and doing it all over the next day and throughout the weekends too. We were both tired and worn out from the long hours of work and studying and repetitiveness. I was frustrated on the inside. I was watching my husband work so hard night after night while I was praying and praying, and we were losing precious time together.

After failing a couple of times, it began to take a toll on Parker. As difficult and heart breaking as it was to see him fail after all of the long hours of studying and sacrifices he made, I continued to encourage him and pray for him. I kept reminding him to keep his faith and hope in God’s plans and perfect timing. I reminded him how God has been faithful to us time and time again and that His faithfulness endures forever.

I remember the night that he was driving home from work and called to tell me that he had received the test results, but that he hadn’t checked his score yet. We decided to meet up for dinner and then we would come home to check his score afterwards. On my drive home from dinner, I remember crying and pleading with God one last time. I begged for him to bless Parker for his hard work and perseverance.

When we got home we got on our knees and prayed together. We prayed that God’s will be done and that regardless of the outcome we would continue to trust in His plans for our lives and careers. Afterwards, Parker opened the email and saw that he had finally passed- by 1 point! I couldn’t help but cry.

The Lord is so faithful and that moment was so special to me. It probably sounds silly, but when you love someone that much and have to witness and be apart of their season of suffering, it is rough. What I loved about it though is that I was able to come together with my husband in prayer. It was also an opportunity for me to go to battle on his behalf. I spent a lot of time praying for his studying, retention, peace of mind, confidence, and career. I learned a lot about the gift of marriage and how God blesses us through it.  

I feel my purpose in life is to... trust the Lord with all my heart – in every circumstance – and then tell the world about His love and faithfulness. 



Check out Summer's pretty calligraphy! She took Lauren Essl's classsame as me! 

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