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Happy Friday!


+ a few links for your weekend:

  • I'm gonna get slightly nerdy on you... I found Brittney Lee's blog and I can't stop looking. Brittney started working for Disney-Pixar in 2010 and has the most incredible skills. Her heart and passion for character creation speaks to the 12 year old me, dreaming of working at Disney and being a veterinarian (and also a pop singer. I dreamed big).  Plus, she worked on FROZEN. You're welcome! 
  • Fun summer sandals for under $40. 
  • Feeling very intrigued by this recipe...! Is it bizarre that I've never had cauliflower before?
  • Rashguards! So protective and in recent years, so beautiful. Have any of you ever bought one? Thoughts? It seems so hot to me! 
  • Currently working on a project close to my heart & inspired by this verse... can't wait to share what's unfolding with you guys! 

Image via That's Pretty Ace

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