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Remember this post from last week? Well... it's official! Taylor and I are going to be teaching a series of workshops this summer called Rise, and we want YOU to be there!!! We've had several inquiries in the past few months from ladies wanting to learn and we are so down with that.

So we hustled and figured things out and – y'all – these are going to be so good! We're teaching six classes over the course of the summer months. All will be on Saturday's except one, which will be a fun Tuesday night class!  Starting something new is both scary and awesome, and we're happy to walk alongside you in that and share what we know. Taylor and I have been very prayerful about these classes and their purpose. We so hope that they bring you as much joy as it's brought us just planning them! If you want to learn more about Rise, check it out on our gorgeous little website! 



On a personal note, it is truly special and amazing that not only am I in a place where I feel comfortable enough to take a step into teaching like this, but that I am also doing it with Taylor specifically. If you watched this Blogging Basics video, you know a little bit about our history - and how we were TERRIFIED of one another in college. Over the last year, our relationship has blossomed and taught me so much about forgiveness and how to truly love. Honesty & grace go hand-in-hand and they are so good together. I am 100% confident that all of the blessings of this friendship are the works of God. I'm thankful every day that I laid down my pride to be a REAL friend to this girl, because she has challenged me and encouraged me in ways I have never been before. 

Sappy time over! But for real, guys. Community. It's GOOD STUFF! And that's a big part of what we're praying will come from Rise. If you want more details and want to get signed up for the Summer Series, check it out at risecreativeworkshops.com. (We're super happy about it. It's kind of our baby. Clean and simple like me; organic and whimsical like Taylor. I promise, we're not getting married. Our husbands are too awesome.) Hope to see you at the workshops!!!


Images via That's Pretty Ace & Rise Creative Workshops

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