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Ladies' Night


I hosted another Girl's Night at my apartment recently, and it was so. fun. I invited all of the lovely ladies I've met recently, and also my close friends who live in the area. Everyone got to meet each other and just have a chill, uplifting evening. 

Living in Dallas, it can be hard to meet people. Churches here are really awesome - but a lot of them are really big as well, and it can be scary and overwhelming to get plugged in. There's a lot of jobs available to young adults out here, so I feel like there's a constant flow of new people to meet and old friends to meet up with. And with those new jobs come new environments, new co-workers - who you may not always mesh with. Dallas-ites are known to work long hours, and it's important to find your friends outside of the office, as well. And on top of all of that, DFW is huge. Fort Worth and Dallas are easily an hour and a half from each other in traffic, so I have friends who live just west of me that I very rarely see. I promise you that it's worth it just to send out an invite a couple of weeks in advance and see who's available to meet up! I told people in the invite that this would be a casual hang-out, and there would be popcorn and wine and girl talk. What more could you want? :) 

It was so special seeing women from all parts of my life meet and get to know each other. It really is encouraging to look around and see that you're not alone! Love on the ladies in your life this week :)


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