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Snail Mail


I love writing notes just about as much as I like to receive them. But getting started can be hard sometimes, am I right? So I'm sharing a few simple tips for writing a card, just to say hello :)



If the recipient is someone you are close to, feel free to get creative! "Hello, love!" "Hi, friend!" even just their first name. In huge letters. If it's someone you're not as close to, a simple "Dear _____," will do. 


You want to start with something recent between the two of you - maybe "I loved bumping into you last week!" "Thanks for inviting me over for craft night! I may have gone home and made 12 more pom-pom's." "Lunch with you last month rocked my world. We've gotta do that again!" Haven't seen each other in awhile? Something like this could work: "I just wanted to drop you a line and say hey! Hope you're doing well :)" 


This is where you can get to the heart of your note. Elaborate on what you mentioned above! "It got me thinking, we should hang out more often. Once a month lunch?" "I totally forgot to ask you about your new puppy. How is she? The Instagrams you've posted are adorable!" "I just wanted you to know that you're so special to me. I'm constantly blessed by your friendship!" Get after it here. Do work. Say what's on your heart!


Wrap up your thoughts, and leave a little 'call to action'. "Hope you're doing well, and can't wait to bump into you again! ;)" "Hope you have a great week! Miss your face!" "Can't wait to see you at Sarah's wedding!!! I'm claiming my spot next to you for the Cupid Shuffle :)" 


I usually sign with a heart and my name. Like your salutation, you can get creative here... just as long as you get your name in there! "Love you lots, Brittany" "xoxo, Brittany" "Hugs and sunshine, Brittany" (obviously, my cards are cute.)


And that's it! Hope this inspires you to pop a little something in the mail :) Snail mail has been a really fun way for me to keep in touch with friends who've moved far away. It feels special - almost like we took the time to grab coffee together if we lived closer. (Though I will say my card collection box is getting really full. Any unique ideas on organized ways to save your cards?)

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