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Texas Fun in the Sun | DFW


For me, a great day just needs a comfortable seat outside and a glass of wine, but sometimes it's fun to plan an adventure! I keep an ongoing list in my phone of fun things to do in the area, and with summertime in full swing, I thought it might be of use to you, too! Let's have some adventures! 

*If you're not a DFW resident or visitor, there's several ideas in here that could apply to your area. There's probably some similar venues that you could translate these ideas to!



DALLAS MUSEUM OF ART | General admission is free, and even if you don't like art, it's a great way to cool off in the AC :) There's also several outdoor spaces with seating areas and waterfalls that you can access off of the street. It would be an awesome place to take some drinks (or snocones!) and sit and chat with a friend.

WHITE ROCK LAKE & surrounding trails | A great place for a walk or run, especially if you have a pup with you! Lots of bikers out here as well, so if you have a bike, this is a great place to use it. There's also kayaks you can rent, and the part of the lake is rimmed by the Dallas Arboretum. They have live music on Thursday nights, and you can kayak over and listen. How cool is that?!

KATY TRAIL | My personal favorite running route since 1. it's flat 2. almost all of it is shaded by trees and 3. there's really cute dogs being walked! There's lots of walkers on this trail too, so if you want to go somewhere for a walking chat, this can be a fun place to do it. There's also several restaurants and bars that sit along the trail that make a fun reward at the end of your exercising, and they're all dog-friendly. 

GEORGE BUSH PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY | The library tour isn't free (unless you're a student - thanks, honey!) but the surrounding gardens are open to the public! Full of Texas wildflowers, these trails are a great place for a quiet conversation and views of the Dallas skyline. They also may be inspiring Chris and I's future yard. So naturally beautiful! This actually was our favorite part about the library, and the library itself is very impressive. If you go relatively soon, you could see George's paintings – we loved watching the video of him talking about them! 

DALLAS HERITAGE VILLAGE | A precious little spot near downtown Dallas, the village holds an entire neighborhood of original buildings! There's a petting zoo and tours of the buildings, but you can also freely walk and take pictures as well. And our friends Christopher and Jennifer got engaged and held their wedding reception here! 

WYLY THEATER | Chris and I were able to catch a show here last summer, and it may have been my favorite venue to see a show in. It's very intimate and small, so there's not many bad seats, and the top row is insanely affordable. The building itself is very urban and interesting, sinking into the ground, and accented with purple and green. We've been keeping an eye out for any shows we might need to stop in and see – Les Miserables is starting this weekend!

WINERY TOURS in GRAPEVINE | I've yet to do one myself, but I've heard these are a blast. You could also casually walk around a winery with a friend or your spouse – I've been told you can get a few tasting samples with cheese for $5! Sounds like a perfect way to spend a late afternoon.

BISHOP ARTS DISTRICT | If you remember from this post, Bishop Arts is one of our top spots in Dallas. We stick to the more casual fare for dinner, walk around in the shops, then finish off with a slice of pie. Yum!!




THE MODERN | Chris has been exploring more of Fort Worth the past few weeks, and got to attend a day at the Modern Art Museum. The architecture of the building alone is gorgeous, but the collection on top of that is very impressive. I've heard rave reviews about their cafe too, so this could be a fun lunch spot! 

RAHR BREWERY | Tours and tastings are Wednesday nights and Saturday afternoons, and you receive a free glass and three different tastings – and they even have food! Sounds like a really fun time. 

FORT WORTH ZOO | This zoo has been one of my favorites for a very long time, and with TWO new baby elephants, you just can't not go! I especially love being at the zoo right when it opens on Saturday mornings. It's quiet, the animals aren't sleeping as they do in the afternoons, and it's typically a bit cooler than midday Texas heat. And you can always eat Joe T. Garcia's after ;)

MAGNOLIA AVENUE | This is a new-ish area that Chris's co-workers have been taking him to at least once a week, and is very similar to Bishop Arts (love that!). Fort Worth's Cane Rosso is located here, alongside "Fort Worth's Living Room", the coffee shop Brewed. We actually ate at Ellerbe's for our anniversary dinner this past weekend... and "divine" is and understatement. Such an incredible meal and atmosphere! 

SCAT JAZZ LOUNGE | If you're looking for something unique to do on a weekend, please go here. Located in an alley, and down in a basement, Scat makes you feel like you've stepped into another world. I love how cozy and fun the atmosphere is – it would make a perfect date spot! 

COWTOWN SEGWAY TOURS | My family recently purchased Groupons for this after hearing nothing but great things. I'm looking forward to buzzing around town and hopefully making a pitstop at Sweet Sammie's ;)

COYOTE DRIVE IN | Food, music, and movies outdoors with a view of the Fort Worth skyline. Again, heard great things about this place! (And super fair ticket prices for DFW)

FOSSIL RIM WILDLIFE CENTER | Though it's not in Fort Worth or Dallas, Fossil Rim is definitely worth the drive! Located in Glen Rose, they give you a bag of feed and you're instructed to drive through the safari park – and the animals will come up to your car for a bite! It's quite the unique experience, and you can let the giraffes eat out of your hand. What. 



Obviously this isn't the full list of all the fun you can have in DFW, so feel free to comment and share some things you've loved doing or are dying to try! I've really loved having this list on my phone for the past year, making it really easy to plan a date or a fun time with friends. 

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