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Happy Friday!


+ some links for your weekend:

  • The story of this family has really touched my heart. (If you feel like giving, here's a link to do that.)
  • These four tips for being a successful ministry worker apply to anyone. 
  • Jennie Allen initiated overwhelming a stranger in prayer yesterday... I love seeing the internet put to use for God's glory! So cool. Also, follow Jenn DeAtley. She's pretty cool, too. :)
  • On a more humorous note, my husband really wants this Catable.
  • I'm thinking about training for a half-marathon... anyone have one they recommend in Texas? Considering this one.
  • And if you haven't heard, Rise classes are 20% OFF this weekend only!!!!! There's so much you could be learning – and let's be real, snacking and making new friends are major bonuses. Grab a seat - we'd love to see you there! 

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