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Fresh Start


At the beginning of every season, I feel ready to start over. Do you know what I mean? Clean slate. Refresh. And with summer being my favorite season of all, I'm ready to put more GOOD into my day. For the next three months, here's what I have on my radar to help me re-set:

  • Clean out summer clothes I don't wear. This means trying on everything I've been hoarding for the last few years (seriously, why did I feel the need to buy a new dress for every wedding I've attended?). I've also changed jobs several times over the last few years, and I feel like my wardrobe reflects that. Half of what is hanging in there never gets worn anymore not because I don't like it, but because I don't LOVE it. So away to the donation bin it goes! 
  • Replace those clothes with special pieces & classics that I love! Since we've moved, we're able to be saving a bit more each month, and I've been taking on a few freelancing jobs outside of work (so fun. love this. please email me if you want me to help you with anything!). This means that I've been able to make a little summer shopping budget for myself... I'm totally shocked and surprised! Being the type A that I am, I made a plan of all of the items I could purchase that would be practical and versatile. This means - summer dresses that fall in that special slot of casual & nice, one summer accessory item (a scarf), a new pair of versatile, quality, and comfortable sandals, versatile work & play tops, and new running shoes. Bonus points if I get these things on sale!! 
  • Read. 12 in 12 & my Bible. I finished Recovering Redemption and am starting The Goldfinch, and I've started carrying my Bible with me everywhere. I'm really enjoying reading more, and it's helping me to remember that sometimes accomplishing one task in 30 minutes is better for me than accomplishing 3 tasks in 30 minutes. 
  • Be intentional with my social time. With it being summer, our social calendars start to get JAM-PACKED. I'm trying to make the most of any extra time by texting friends to see if they want to grab a coffee or go to a happy hour with me. Being social is so against my nature, and I've been fighting it this last six months (worth it, let me tell you). Of course, I'm making sure I'm getting plenty of rest and recharge time as well, but putting the extra effort to share events with friends or squeeze in some extra time to chat has been so good for my relationships, and it's been challenging and encouraging me in new and exciting ways. Ruby photo shoots have been really good for this, too! 
  • Keep running. Chris and I found a half-marathon in October that looks like it could be a great fit for us, so I'm going to do my best to be able to finish it! I can officially run 5 miles now (woop woop!) and I have a general plan in mind for how to add more mileage over the next few months. I love having a reason to get my butt outside and I feel so refreshed and relaxed afterward. Also, as a completely non-athletic person, being able to run 5 miles is a serious confidence booster! It's taught me that I can do a lot more than I originally think, and I'm so proud of myself for being healthy. 
  • On that same note, keep eating healthy. I can always do a better job in this area, and honestly, summer is good for me. Winter makes me want meat and potatoes. Summer makes me want grilled fish tacos and fruit. Thanks, seasons!
  • Celebrate! We have several reasons to celebrate this summer, two big ones being our first anniversary and Chris's birthday. We're going to California in August for a late anniversary trip, and I have a few ideas in mind to ring in Chris's 24th. I really love finding new things for us to try, and it gives me something fun to look forward to :) 

Setting general goals like these for each season sets a good tone for me, and it makes it easier for me to actually follow through. What about you? Are there some areas of your everyday that you'd like to "tidy up" a bit? Feel free to share in the comments below – I always love to read your perspective. It's so encouraging!

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