Hi. I'm Brittany.

I'm a brand designer & a writer saved by grace, sharing joy in the simplest ways.

Currently Working On

I've had the opportunity to work on a few fun projects outside of TPA recently... including a branding project for a super fun stylist! Her style is so different from mine, and y'all. It's totally refreshing to work on things that are different from what you're usually drawn to. It makes you think outside the box, and you end up seeing things in such a new way! Check out our pin board for more inspiration. (Pin boards. Designers - use 'em as mood boards! Have your clients pin there too so you can better understand their vision.) Can't wait to dig into this project more... helping my friends' visions come to life is so rewarding and humbling. 

Side note :: If you see a need around you, and feel there's something you can do to help - a skill you can provide, a listening ear, and/or praying for them - I encourage you to do it! It's 100% worth your time. Always. Love y'all!

Image via That's Pretty Ace

Summer Mentoring

Meet a Ruby... Leigh Foith