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Summer Mentorship: Maggie of Wild Perla


Do you remember this post about Summer Mentorships? They are in full swing, and incredibly fun! If you're looking to start a blog, or have a blog and are looking for guidance, I encourage you to sign up for a mentorship spot. We sit down one-on-one and chat through what's needed to make your blogging dreams real!

Over the past four weeks, I've had the privilege of getting to know Maggie Hathaway of Wild Perla. She is such a sweetheart, and we had the most fun mentoring sessions! Since Maggie lives in Costa Rica (wow!), we got together on Tuesday nights via Skype. Maggie has such a gentle, creative soul. I'm honored to have had the opportunity to serve and encourage her, and even more honored to now call her my friend :) I asked Maggie to write about her experience with the Summer Mentorship, and she had the most wonderful things to say! It was obviously a blessing to both of us. I'll let her take it from here (along with some of her fun imagery!)...



I stumbled on That's Pretty Ace a few months back, right as I was in the midst of starting my own lifestyle blog.  I was immediately drawn to Brittany's clean, fresh design style and authentic posts.  After launching my blog, I was so excited to see where this new project would take me; but I also found myself overwhelmed with questions about blogging and my personal goals and visions for my site.  It was right at that time when Brittany brought up the blog mentoring course on her website.  It felt like a perfect fit for me -- from following her blog, I knew that Brittany reflected the artistic style, honest writing, and simple living that I hoped to share on my own site.



Our (online) blogging sessions were so invigorating and refreshing.  Getting questions off my chest, feeling inspired about what I was doing, and having a friend who could advise me on the steps I should be taking with my blog was so wonderful and helped me feel focused and excited about blogging.  Brittany helped talk me through some of the most basic blogging questions I had, as well as some of the bigger issues and doubts that had come up during the first few weeks of my blogging.  It was so assuring to be able to talk my questions through with someone who had been where I was and could directly relate to many of my questions about goals, blogging as a business, my audience, and my vision for the blog.



Brittany's kind, genuine friendship has been such an encouraging part of my blogging experience; the blog mentoring has helped give me a healthy perspective on blogging and provided me with tips and advice on how to create a blog that's authentic and passionate.


Maggie, I can't thank you enough for your kindness! It has been such a pleasure getting to know you, and best wishes with your amazing blog!!! If you're looking for a place to find inspiration for a healthy life – physically, emotionally, creatively, spiritually – please go check out Wild Perla. You can subscribe as well, via Bloglovin

mages via Wild Perla & That's Pretty Ace

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