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Open for Business!


I'm so excited to share with you all that the TPA shop is finally open! It's been on my heart for some time now to create something that could serve as a bit of encouragement in your daily lives, something easy to access and completely tangible. I know I could use reminders of God's goodness all over my workspace and my home, and I'm praying these products serve as a blessing to you and your loved ones! 

All of the items in the shop are easy to access - they're reasonably priced, and download right to your computer for you to print at home (or at your local printer). Currently, all items are black ink on white paper – meaning your at-home printer is going to be able to handle these, easy-peasy! And the content of these pieces... I've been praying over these words, praying that God puts His life into them and that they can be of great service to you. There are nine prints, a set of scripture cards, and a printable PDF, all containing encouraging truth from the Word. I'm so excited for these to find a special place in your homes, your workspaces, and in your hearts!





The scripture cards are my personal favorites out of all of the items - they print on regular sized printing paper and have trim lines for you to cut once horizontally and once vertically to create four cards per sheet. With three sheets totaling 12 individual cards, these can be put to use in so many ways - you could stick one to your mirror as a reminder of God's truth as you get ready each day. You could tuck one into your roommate's purse or spouse's briefcase as a little bit of encouragement. You could even stack them and tie them with string as an inspiring gift for a loved one. (Expert tip! I love this paper from Paper Source for printing out your goodies. It makes any at-home print look & feel extra luxurious! Though a good stack of cardstock would work just fine, too.)

I'm thrilled to share these products with you, and I'm praying that they will spur on you and your loved ones to walk in God's truth. Also... a portion of the proceeds will be going towards Chad and Hiroko Farmer as they begin their lives as missionaries in Japan this month. I had the pleasure of meeting the Farmers and their sweet daughter a few weeks ago, and Chris and I have felt stirred to keep in contact and support them with what we have. I'm so happy to share this with you, and have you be a part of supporting them as well! Please surround them in prayer as they begin their new lives. I'll be sharing a more in-depth introduction on them soon :)

Hope you enjoy, and love y'all! 

All shop images via Lemon Fresh Designs (such gorgeous work!)

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