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Taking Better Pictures


Wanting to document your summer trips? Taking great pictures doesn't have to be complicated! More often than not, you just need to adjust your mindset :) Keep it simple, and try new things! 

I've been taking portraits for eight years now (at one point my major was photography!) and it really is so much fun capturing memories through my lens. Here are five simple tips that can help you out, whether shooting with a DSLR or even your iPhone...



Use the rule of thirds. When you're framing your shot, think of your screen being divided up into nine equal parts (by two horizontal lines and two vertical lines). If you position your subject near the lines or points of intersection, the image becomes more visually appealing and feels great on the eyes. 



Change your viewpoint. As you're shooting, think of unique ways to change the view. We naturally like to shoot straight on, but if you get creative and try new viewpoints you can change the feel of the image dramatically. Get high or low, focus on hands or get behind your subject! Switch it up ;)



Look for frames + lines. Frames and lines help pull your eye to the subject when used correctly. Using a doorway or a hanging tree branch can help frame or wrap around your subject. Lines can direct your eye’s attention to the subject, so use it to emphasis your focus! Fences, paths, or patterns on clothing, tablecloths, or blankets are all great for creating lines.



Keep it simple. Pay attention to what's in the background. Take a minute or two to move lights or objects that may distract from the story you are trying to tell, or even change the location! It might be as simple as just facing a different direction to simplify your background.



Tell a story. Be aware of the focus of your images. Think through what it is about this moment you're capturing that you love so much. Colors, textures, light, a smile, a candid action... being purposeful in shooting your daily life captures the intimacy and truth of the moments we treasure :) 

All images via That's Pretty Ace from my travels abroad, our honeymoon, and of my adorable cousins

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