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Let's be a light.

Hey, guys! 1. I miss y'all. 2. I apologize for being absent last week... I've actually been a little down in the dumps. I love TPA so much and I love you guys, so I'm not going to fake it with y'all. This isn't the place to dig into the why, at least not right now. But I will say this... praying for other people sure does help you to feel better.

Over the past few days of the long 4th of July weekend, I kept running across stories of infertility or lost children on Instagram. I follow a lot of women on this particular platform, so most of them I don't know personally – but when you each like each other's pictures and stories enough, it's easy to feel like friends :) And I think when we share our hearts, it opens the door for more healing, where we can be a light to someone. 

One woman who's story I read is Danielle Walker. You may already know Danielle – she's the author of a NYT bestselling cookbook called Against All Grain. A few months into her pregnancy with her second child, she and her husband were told their unborn daughter had a severe genetic mutation that caused her bones to grow improperly and break over and over again in the womb. Most babies that carry these babies are not born alive, and the ones that survive the birth are only alive for a few minutes. Danielle and her husband, Ryan, have been walking in both mourning for the loss of their daughter and also rejoicing in the privilege of being their daughter's parents even if it was only for a very short time. Danielle gave birth on June 24, and their daughter, Alia, was alive for 46 minutes. If you get a chance today, please read their story. I can't begin to understand why all of this would happen, but I feel a portion of her pain, and it is through the stories of others that we see God's glory in this world. That we play such a short part, and the details of the every day that might bog us down are incredibly, incredibly, short-lasting. It is moments like these, that Danielle and her family are walking through, that mark us and shape us and grow us to be more like Christ. And they teach those around them how to love with Christ's love.



So today, I'm asking you to say a prayer for the Walker family. I would further encourage you, if you use social media, to tweet, comment on Danielle's Instagram, or comment on her blog and let her know you're praying for them. Share Scripture. The relief of just knowing you've been seen, your cries have been heard, and the people of God are supporting you – that relief is momentous and can carry us through our darkest days. Let's go be a light.

Image via Against All Grain

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