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Prayer + Marriage


Popping in to ask a quick question to all my married ladies out there... how do you pray together?

This is something Chris and I have been trying to work on. Often, Chris will pray over our dinner (something we rarely did while dating that I'm so happy has worked it's way into our marriage) and he takes care of a lot of the main topics there. However, there are things that weigh on our minds during the day that we both talk about and know we should pray about together. I also know that I really love and enjoy praying out loud (never thought I'd type that). So we're trying new things. 

Last week, before leaving our little rental abode for a day of fasting, I asked Chris if I could pray for us. We sat on the couch and held hands and I prayed over our day. That same day, we took turns walking on the beach and praying alone, then shared what we learned over dinner that night. Last night, we went running together but instead of just running we prayed – before starting our runs, we took turns sharing things to pray for one another and things outside of ourselves that were weighing heavy on our hearts and devoted our runs to prayer. Chris runs a bit faster than me, so it was a good time in solitude to pray. When we hit our goal run mark, we stopped and walked the way back and had planned to talk about our prayer time, but ended up praying more, walking side by side in silence. I'm really glad we did this (praying while running made me realize how much I think of myself! I had to keep asking God to take away the distraction of me wondering how many miles I'd gone and whether my body would make it). I do wish we could make more opportunities where we could pray out loud together. I love the bonding and fellowship that comes from praying with others – how I can feel the power of God when the prayer is spoken, and the encouragement received when I listen to others and speak as well. 

So I'm wondering... how do you do prayer together? What does that look like? I'm looking forward to hearing your answers! 

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