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2015 Goal List

It's always been a habit of mine to make lists. I looked back at my list for 2014, and so many of those things actually happened! They were all business-oriented goals, but ended up manifesting themselves in unique ways (my goal for a PR campaign became The Ruby Project, and focusing my brand identity turned into a sweet video). God has been so faithful.

This year, my mindset has shifted to become much more personal. There's a lot of things on my mind as to how I live my life, and I just want to draw near to the only thing that satisfies – the Father. I want to have His word and His truth sewn into my heart. And I definitely feel Him calling me to do things that are of Him... and not of me. I mentioned in my last post that my word for this year is "wild." The whispers God has been putting on my heart have been to "love wildly and without abandon." This means loving people even when it's hard. Knowing ahead of time that investing in people is risky, and I'll get hurt sometimes. It means staying with friends even if I fear they don't need me or that we've "grown apart." It means giving of my time and money in a way that still pays the bills but isn't what the world says is "normal." It means going above and beyond to give God's love out to others, and not expecting anything in return. It looks a lot like the opening story in Bob Goff's book, Love Does – have you read it? 

To help tune my heart to do this, here are a few things I'm prayerfully pursuing...

  • "Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly." Be active about memorizing Scripture (something I've never done before). His Word is the heart and soul of my life, and I'm a dry desert without it. Doing my best to let it speak to me and inform me. 
  • Be purposeful with my finances. Give each dollar a job to do, so that I can give with more freedom than ever before. Yikes/awesome.
  • Be intentional about meeting in Christ-oriented community. Make opportunities for women to gather, bond, and become encouraging prayer warriors for one another. I've already starting planning a few ideas... like a Valentine's dinner... a retreat in March... and a pen pal exchange! (Fun, right?) My heart is so excited over this! I'm also working to continue to truly invest in people. To let them know I am really there for them. It scares me so much, but living this way is so of God. It gives me life, and helps me understand His ways.

There's a few other things I have written down as well, but these are the big ones. In my last post, I shared how I'm feeling pretty nervous about the change coming this year. Focusing instead on what's directly in front of me – relationships, devoting my mornings to Scripture, planning God-oriented events for the spring, be aware of what I'm purchasing – has helped me fix my eyes on Him and not on the scary things ahead. He's been so faithful to me, and my heart desperately wants to live a life of praise... even in the midst of my personal desert. He's reminding me daily (sometimes hourly) of His presence. 

Several of these goals are ones I'd love to share with you (because doing things together is always better!), so if you'd like to join me, you can follow along on Instagram. For the foreseeable future, I'm reading through Colossians each morning. It's only four chapters, but it has such a wealth of knowledge and encouragement... and I've even written up a little series for us to walk through together, starting Monday! I know many of you have started reading plans for the year – what are you reading this month?


Happy Friday!

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