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Happy Friday!

We made it! I've been doing a lot of reading this week, and just started this book. A significant portion of it is on dating and it's made me consider a lot of the hormonal teenage decisions I made growing up. Tomorrow morning some friends and I are going to make use of our Starbucks gift cards to meet up and chat about it. Really looking forward to that.

My three for this week are these three rooms decorated by Emily Henderson – all in the same house! I love Emily's eye for style (and addiction to the color blue, #samesies). This particular home is owned by a fellow Texan, so the nods to the lone star state are more than welcome in my book. And how badly do you want to jump into these beds...?! First up, the master bedroom...

...followed by the guest bedroom...

...and lastly, the living room. She'll be showing more of this house soon, too, so keep checking back on Emily's site! Happy weekend, friends. Hope it's a fun one!

Photos by Tessa Neustadt

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