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Recap: Pause & Pray

A few weeks ago, a little group of us got together to spend a weekend in prayer. We didn't really know what to expect (myself included, even though I had been planning for months!). We ended up having the most restful bonding time. 

A family friend let us use their lake house for the weekend, and it was a huge blessing. Though the lake it sits on is in a drought, we were still able to enjoy the view of the water – we were even fortunate enough to have a beautiful spring day make an appearance! Saturday we spent the whole day going between sections of discussion and sections of prayer time, both alone and with partners. 

We divided up our prayer time into four sections:

  • Meditation – reading His Word and spending time letting it sink it and resonate, asking God what He would want us to see there
  • Praise – using His Word to inspire ways we can give Him praise, even when it's hard
  • Confession & Repentance – seeing our own sin and selfish desires, confessing them to the Lord, and repenting
  • Petitionasking Him for His aid in every aspect, with our lives and the lives of those around us, with the world, etc.

We ended our time together on Sunday morning by sharing our petitions with a prayer partner and discussing the importance of prayer in community. The quiet away from the hustle and bustle of our every day was so restoring. 

One of my favorite things from the whole weekend was just chatting with the girls. Saturday night we stayed up talking (and playing Spoons). We started by discussing how it's hard to pray – to begin praying, to stay focused in praying, and especially to pray for longer periods of time – and ended up talking about all sorts of topics. It was such a joy getting to learn about one another. I had come into the weekend so anxious and unsure of what to expect. I was worried I didn't plan enough, or that I would come across as bossy. God was so good to soothe my heart. The whole day naturally revolved around resting in Him, and I can't describe fully how restorative that was for my soul. Thinking I probably could use more time like this in my life :) 

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Have a great weekend.

Have a fun weekend.