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I'm a brand designer & a writer saved by grace, sharing joy in the simplest ways.

Happy Friday!


What are you up to this weekend? We will be out on Chris's parents ranch out in west Texas, and we're bringing Penny! This will be our first opportunity to see her literally unleashed in a yard. I think she's going to love it. 

I've also added a fun new feature to TPA... a newsletter! I've wanted to provide this to you all for so long, and I'm thrilled that I finally got brave about it. I promise not to bog down your inbox, because I'm only going to send you something at the first of each month. You'll receive a recap of the past month's blog posts, a personal letter from me, and a FREE downloadable print! It might be a little something to help with your daily tasks, pretty artwork for your home or office space, or a gift for friends and family.

The newsletter is also helpful for those of you who don't use Bloglovin or Facebook as a way to stay updated on the latest posts. This will be a great way to get caught up from all the TPA content that you may have missed. Sign up now so you get that March 1st newsletter on Sunday! Fill out the form below, or use the form in the left-hand column.

So honored and thrilled to be able to serve you, sweet friends. Happy weekend!


PS... is there something specific you'd like to see in the newsletter? A form to use when meal planning? A blog planner for my blogger friends? An "out-the-door" checklist? Leave a comment or shoot me an email to let me know! 

A Little Note from Me to You...

Happy Friday!