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Our gallery wall


Hi, friends! I'm excited to begin sharing a new column with you – Home Work. I've always enjoyed personalizing my space, and in the past few years, have had the joy of helping several friends with their home decor as well. Home is so incredibly personal. Finding contentment in your space is somewhat similar to finding contentment with your body shape or your appearance – not only is it a confidence boost, but it also opens up doors (often literally) to serve others well. I'm so excited to share this new series with you. 

One the easiest and most authentic ways to personalize a space is through photos. So it's only natural that our gallery wall is my personal favorite part of our home :) Gallery walls can look incredibly varied – some people add lots of color, for some it's more artwork, for others it's a mix of all of their favorite things. Our gallery wall is one that mostly holds memories. 



We had a few extra Pottery Barn gifts cards from our wedding a few years ago, and during their Christmas sale I purchased a boxed set of 10 frames. I especially love that these look like they have a paper mat, but it's actually wood. It's a very clean look and reminds me of one of our favorite towns – Seaside, Florida. 

I had gathered a lot of fun family photos to prepare for our wedding's rehearsal dinner slideshow, so I started looking for images there. There were so many great options, both sweet and funny, and they're perfect conversation starters when we have friends and family over. I love imagining showing our kids these someday. Some of these photos include me, at about age five, holding a lion cub, a strip from a photo booth of my dad and I, and a picture of Chris's dad holding his sister and Chris in a baby carrier on his back – somewhere in Germany. People always point to that one and think it's Chris when it's really his dad! 



I added a few pictures of our families from our wedding day, then a couple of photos from our time studying abroad in college, a photo of my favorite ocean from our engagement photo session, and a Bible verse I made into an art print. I also turned a set of Rifle Paper notecards into more artwork by framing them together! Picking out what to use was hard (there's only so much room!), but so much fun. I love being able to look up at that wall and be reminded of where we've come from. It feels like such a special tribute to our families and to the life Chris and I have begun to build together. 

What about you? Do you have a gallery wall in your home? What memories and artwork do you like to have on display?

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