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The one thing we do before we go to sleep


There's a kiss goodnight, but there's also one little item that we have to use before we go to sleep every night. Can you guess what it is? 



...we use lavender essential oil! For the longest time, Chris had trouble sleeping. He didn't want to rely on sleep medication, and he tried melatonin (a natural remedy) to no avail. We read before going to sleep, which worked for me, but only made things worse for Chris – he would stay up for hours thinking through a sentence he read! I think I remember even trying to tell him a bedtime story. We thought maybe this would always be the case and we would have to get used to it.

We found out that a family friend was selling essential oils, and my aunt asked me if we had tried using them before. When we said we hadn't, she immediately sent us over a vial of lavender to try. It worked like a charm! Chris slept the best he had in months, and he's used it every night since.

Here's what he does... before bed, he applies a drop or two to the bottoms of each of his feet, then rubs it in. The vessels there send blood pumping throughout your whole body quickly, so having the essential oil enter your pores here is very helpful to get things going! Chris also applies a drop to his chest and rubs it in (like you would with a vapor rub). Then, he sleeps like a baby. I love it because he smells wonderfully relaxing, making cuddles extra peaceful for me! I typically thought of lavender as a woman's scent, but true lavender actually has a bold scent that feels very unisex. I think Chris wears it well! We also have an oil diffuser in our bedroom, and often put an oil blend in there to help us breathe easy at night. 

How about you? Have you ever tried essential oils? What do you do to help you sleep at night?

Have a happy weekend.

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