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New Logo Design for Stewarding Life

One of the biggest compliments you can receive as a designer is when a client reaches out to you again for another job. Last year, I had the pleasure of creating a visual identity for Lillie Duncan of Redeeming Love Photography, and at the beginning of this year, she emailed me saying she and her husband had begun to offer wellness coaching sessions under the name Stewarding Life. They have big dreams, and were looking to put together a logo to make things official. 

During our client meeting, Jake, Lillie, and I discussed their hopes for their business. They've been serving clients online all over the nation, and hope to someday open a physical place of business that they would dub the "Wellness Center." While they didn't want those words as part of their logo yet, they did want to be able to easily incorporate that later. They're also very passionate about Stewarding Life encompassing all areas of wellness – lifestyle habits, eating habits, physical activity, and natural remedies where applicable – so we wanted the logo to be able to evoke that easily. They also wanted a designed "mark" that they could separate as an icon for their business. Jake and Lillie are both such authentic, gentle people. I wanted their logo to be a personal reflection of who they are. 

During the first week of the design project, I pulled together images and colors into three mood board options. The chosen mood board would function as a starting point and a reference throughout the remainder of the project. We ended up merging two of the mood board options into one! To keep with that professional, healthy feel, the main color was a bright pop of turquoise, with two darker neutrals and two lighter neutrals to balance things out, and an accent "color" of kraft. This fits Jake and Lillie's authentic style and would be a perfect fit for printed brand elements. I also incorporated organic, typographic images that had a lot of clean white space, a little texture, and pops of turquoise. 

I spent the next week coming up with five different logo concepts. My goal was to give them a logo that would be bold and strong, and would call to mind the idea of growth as people learn to steward their lives well. The final logo not only accomplishes these goals, but also feels balanced both up and down and side to side, evoking the lifestyle Jake and Lille are helping their clients achieve. 

In the process, Jake and Lillie told me they had a hard time choosing between two of the logo options. I sent them back the below image, showing them how the logos would interact across all kinds of different branded assets. This was exactly the visual aide they needed to help them decide – after seeing the two logos in this way, they immediately realized which one was the right fit for them. Each client thinks differently, and I love getting to learn more about them as I do my best to serve them in their individual needs. 

I'm honored that Jake and Lillie trusted me with their brand, and I'm excited to add this project to my portfolio. It was a joy to partner with them, join in the excitement of their growing business, and provide them with a new visual identity that suits them well.  

"I have worked with Brittany before so I  knew when my husband I were brainstorming about logo ideas that we had to use Brittany's talents again. I am more of a visual type person, my mind is very imaginative and Jake will tell you he is very much the opposite so I was interested to see how this process would go for him. 

I love that the first thing we got to do with Brittany was meet (via Skype) and talk about and talk through our ideas and our vision for the business. She asked us very intentional good questions. From our talk she is able to put together  three different Mood Boards. This is one of the things I love the most. I loved being able to see how the colors go together and  how the sample logos and pictures make feel. With this logo we wanted something that was calming and natural so as we looked at the mood boards we could easily determine the direction we wanted to go. This was extremely helpful for my husband as well because the mood boards are so visual he didn't have to struggle to imagine anything. Deciding on which mood board to go with is the hardest part, but from there it is a relaxing process. Brittany listens to our likes and dislikes, takes the mood board and creates a handful of logos for us to choose from." - Lillie Duncan of Stewarding Life

What do you think of the new Stewarding Life logo? 

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