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6 Gift Ideas for New Moms

I'm in the stage of life where friends are starting to have babies – which is both a little shocking and a lot exciting. After scouring through my brain and internet, I rounded up six gifts for new parents. They aren't trendy or offbeat, but are gifts that parents will adore. (PS, I'd love to hear your thoughts, too!) Here goes...

1 | Chocolate-covered strawberries. It sounds kind of random, but chocolate-covered strawberries make an awesome new-mom gift. They're rich and decadent, but also fresh and healthy. Seeing a box of these on their doorstep would make any new parent sigh with joy. 

2 | Decadent PJ's. Since mom will most likely be spending her first few days at home, why not make her as comfortable as possible? This pajama set has been a best-seller for years now, and once you feel them on your skin, you'll know why. (Plus, a button-up top will make it easy for nursing! Double-win.) 

3 | Baby's initial necklace. How about something she can wear both at home and on the go? These simple necklaces are too sweet. 

4 | Essential oil diffuser. Pair this with lavender oil and maybe even if they don't get a good night's sleep, they'll at least feel as relaxed as if they had.  

5 | An inspiring read. I've seen this book recommended several times as a great new-mom gift – filled with stories from fellow mothers, this poignant read will be comforting and emboldening. 

6 | The gift of no pressure. A brand new baby equals a whole new lifestyle to settle into. Absolutely write an email or send a gift of congratulations, but as an extra treat, sign it off with "No need to respond, go be with your baby!" or "Don't write a thank-you note. Congratulations again!" It will be so wonderful to know that they don't have to do anything but enjoy your kindness. 

What would you recommend as a gift for friends with new babies? New moms, what gifts have you really loved?

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