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Our Honeymoon


We spent the day after the wedding in Seaside (in our precious honeymoon cottage), and then left that evening for Dallas. Our flights were so backwards - we flew back to Dallas on Sunday night, then at 5am Monday morning flew back to Miami, then finished with a flight from Miami to Liberia. It was quite the whirlwind, but as it turns out, Chris and I are great travelling companions. And we were so excited to finally be on our honeymoon! 



We landed in Costa Rica around lunchtime and took a (fast/scary) ride from the airport to our resort. When we checked in, the receptionist said "oh, you have room 111 - the best view"! They took our bags to our room for us, and we headed down to the main pool area to find a bite to eat. 



When they say "best view" they weren't kidding. At this particular resort, most of the rooms are ocean-view bungalows. They're like small duplexes, with two rooms side by side in a small building. They each have a porch/balcony and one wall completely made of windows. Our bungalow was on the very edge of the property, and looked over the gulf and the hotel beach. It was insanely gorgeous... we felt like we were in paradise.



We saw a lot of crabs and kitties, went zip-lining and snorkeling, got an incredible outdoors couples massage, ate amazing food, and drank a lot of pina coladas. We went in the green season and were told it would rain every day, but it ended up only raining on us once! The weather was great (not hot, just humid). 

We also shot a lot of video on our trip. When we got home, I decided to stretch my Blogshop legs and whip up something special!  



It was pretty much perfect. Costa Rica, we miss you already! Pura Vida!

(PS if you want to ask any questions about our honeymoon/resort/etc. feel free to comment or shoot me an e-mail!) 

All images via That's Pretty Ace

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